The Selah research trial aimed to identify stress reduction practices that would allow pastors to fully live into the work that God is calling them to do with creativity, insight, and energy – even during the most stressful times.  

The Daily Examen and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction showed the most promise in reducing anxiety and depression related stress symptoms.

MBSR was the only intervention to create statistically significant improvements in HRV at 3 months, with an average 14% improvement in HRV.


MBSR courses are widely available in both online and in-person settings. This program was completed in partnership with Duke Integrative Medicine’s Distance Learning Program and is available to the public. When searching for an MBSR course, you will want to look for programs that have certified instructors in the MBSR model and courses that are a minimum of 8 sessions.

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The Daily Examen can be learned through participation in a workshop or can be self-taught.The instructors who provided the Daily Examen retreats in the trial can be reached through the Redwood Center for Spiritual Care and Education. They continue to offer Daily Examen retreats, including online retreats. 

Many Spiritual Directors trained in the Ignatian tradition are also capable of leading instruction on the Daily Examen.

The book, Reimagining the Examen by Mark Thibodeaux and its accompanying mobile phone application, were used by clergy in the Spirited Life: Selah program.