Program Overview

Spirited Life: Selah is a program to deeply engage with one of three practices designed specifically to equip clergy with the tools they need to manage and respond to the stresses of ministry.

Spirited Life: Selah begins with attendance and participation at a workshop designed to introduce you to a new stress reduction practice and to a group of fellow clergy who will learn with you. Some of these workshops will be fully online gatherings, and others will be in-person gatherings if social distancing restrictions permit us to gather in late 2020 and 2021.

Following attendance at the workshop, participants will be invited to six months of daily practice and some online follow-up sessions with the clergy from their workshop. The number of follow-up sessions varies by practice. Practice will be encouraged via text messages from their instructors and the Selah staff.

Spirited Life: Selah has two primary components:

  • Six to eight weeks of programming that introduces clergy to particular stress-reduction skills and approaches, and invites them into daily practice in community with a cohort of 20-25 other clergy.
  • A six-month behavioral health study that uses surveys, biometric data, interviews, and daily reporting to rigorously determine whether or not each program made a difference in stress symptoms.

Learn about each of the practices:

Workshops will take place between April 2020 and Spring 2021.

In early March 2020, all registered participants learn their assigned practice, and will receive a link to register for a Spirited Life: Selah workshop.

Because Selah is a behavioral health study, click here to understand what participation in the research elements of Selah entails.

Participants who complete the Spirited Life: Selah program will be eligible for one CEU from Duke University.