Stress Proofing

What pastors are saying about Stress Proofing:


“As one of my previous teachers would say to me: ‘breathing is underrated.’ The breathing techniques allowed me to pause and take a break when I would usually react. I was able to make space to breathe, which allows wisdom to kick in.”


“I’ve been looking for ways to help with my mental health. I do counseling, which is more of a top-down method looking at spiritual development. This workshop was looking body-up, and it was good to see how my body was feeling.”

Stress Proofing is a program focused on physiology that includes exercises that bypass the brain and work directly on the body to mitigate the symptoms of stress. This system is based on Stress Inoculation Training, which uses scenarios and recovery skills to prepare people in advance for stressful episodes. The techniques include a variety of breathing, blood flow, and tension control methods, as well as ways to conduct deep tissue massage on oneself to release muscle tension. The physical aspect of the training involves gentle stretching movements, walking short distances, and lying flat on the floor. The awareness aspect involves understanding stress biology, and learning to spot the symptoms of stress in yourself and others.

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Meet the Presenter

Glenn Murphy is an author, coach, and consultant specializing in stress mitigation and resilience. As Founder and Chief Instructor of NC SYSTEMA, he has trained individuals and teams from a wide range of backgrounds, including Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems, Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, and the United Nations Security SWAT Team. He is currently working to support wellness in United Methodist Clergy, as part of the Duke University Clergy Health Initiative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is there a literature base?
The principles of Stress Inoculation Training draw strongly on autogenic training, in which relaxation is induced by concentrating on certain bodily perceptions and which has a strong evidence base. Studies on autogenic training indicate benefits such as reductions in anxiety, depression, headaches, and blood pressure. The breathing techniques and other aspects are supported by military studies on Stress Inoculation Training.

2. When and where is the workshop?
The workshop will take place May 6-7, 2019 at Lake Junaluska.

3. How much time should I expect to commit to this practice?
The initial workshop is expected to last a day and a half (e.g., 10am – 3pm the following day), which includes an overnight stay at no expense to you. Following the workshop, you will receive a workbook with small, daily tasks that take about 10-25 minutes each to do on your own schedule for the 30 days following the workshop. After that, you are encouraged to continue exercises of your choosing for 10-25 minutes/day for an additional 60 days.

4. Is there a follow-up session?
Yes. Approximately four weeks after your workshop, you will be encouraged to participate in a 60-90 minute webinar session held over a web platform like Zoom with the option to participate by phone.