The Study

Right now in 2019, you can sign up to be part of Selah’s pilot phase; we are particularly thankful to those clergy who are willing to try out programming and data measures in this early phase.  In 2020, clergy who do not participate in the pilot phase can be part of the more polished study phase, but not all programs will be included.

Additionally, any clergy who want to be part of the study but are unable to attend a workshop may sign up to participate in data collection by clicking here.

Participating in this pilot study includes several kinds of data collection:

    • Surveys: baseline, 3 weeks, 12 weeks
    • Heart rate variability: baseline, 12 weeks; includes wearing a heart rate monitor for 24 hours
    • Text messages: 1-2 messages a day for 12 weeks
    • In-depth interviews: some participants will be invited to comment at 3 weeks and 12 weeks

We are able to provide some compensation for your time:

    • Surveys: $75
    • Heart rate variability : $20 for the initial and $30 for the final