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Coaching and Support

It is easier to sustain your momentum if you enlist the help of others who can provide both encouragement and a sense of accountability. Spirited Life builds those support mechanisms into the program in the form of highly trained wellness advocates. One of them will be available to serve as your personal coach, advocate, and program liaison. You may contact your advocate by phone or email. They may also send you occasional emails containing Spirited Life news and information.

Using a balance of inquiry and reflection, wellness advocates partner with Spirited Life participants to help you address wellness-related behaviors and dimensions of life, such as exercise, stress reduction, weight reduction, vocational discernment, financial planning, work-life balance, and spiritual vitality.

Your wellness advocate provides the types of services noted below.

Wellness Calls

As your primary program contact for Spirited Life, your wellness advocate will arrange regular phone conversations, establishing a consistent pattern of contact.

During scheduled calls, you will set the agenda and focus of the conversation. Your advocate will use an appreciative approach to help you set goals and plan action to achieve your vision of wellness.

Your advocate will help you to discover and reinforce your core values and strengths and to identify and resolve potential obstacles. He or she will also help you create an accountability structure to reinforce your efforts. Calls may also be used to help facilitate the transfer of learning from Spirited Life workshops and other program offerings, such as Naturally Slim or meQuilibrium, into daily living.

Resource Support & Advocacy

When working with your wellness advocate, you can expect to spend time articulating the areas in which you have most need of support. Your wellness advocate, in turn, will act both as concierge (researching and identifying specific resources) and as advocate (encouraging you to take action or responsibility for initiating these contacts.)

Spirited Life Contact

Your wellness advocate serves as your primary contact within Spirited Life -- a person to ask questions about the program. In addition to checking in with you during monthly wellness calls, he or she will occasionally send information about resources or program news that you might find useful.