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Program Overview

Spirited Life has two primary components:

Everyone enrolled in Spirited Life will take part in both aspects of the program. However, because of capacity constraints and our goal to ensure that the wellness services are effective, participants receive the services of the wellness program at different times.

Group Assignment

We have randomly assigned all Spirited Life participants to one of three groups, which will begin two years of wellness services on the following dates:

Each group will participate in all facets of Spirited Life, including the wellness program, health screenings and surveys. The schedule for these varies by group.

Time Commitment

During the two years that you are receiving Spirited Life wellness services, you should plan to allocate five days for workshops. Should you choose to engage in ongoing conversations with your wellness advocate (up to 1 hour/month), or participate in Naturally Slim (approximately 45 minutes/week for 10 weeks), you will want to set aside additional time for these activities. You also can expect to spend up to 10 hours annually participating in health screenings and surveys. This time may be less, depending on the year and your assigned group or the distance you have to travel to attend a screening.

The bishops and district superintendents in the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences have pledged their support of Spirited Life and the time required for clergy to participate fully.

Continuing Education Units

Clergy who complete all aspects of the Spirited Life wellness program are eligible to receive up to 4 continuing education units.