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Review the Spirited Life Consent Form (pdf)

Study records that identify you will be kept confidential. You will not be identified (in public or to your conference) by name, address, conference appointment, or any other direct personal identifier with any of your health data or survey responses. Your research record will be assigned a unique code number. The key to the code will be held by Duke and by the social science research firm Westat, and will be always kept separate from the research database. We will keep the key in order to be able to link individual responses at one point in time to the same individual's responses at other points in time.

Naturally Slim

If you participate in the mindful eating program Naturally Slim, Duke will share your health data with Naturally Slim to set up your custom profile. Naturally Slim typically collects the same health data as we do in this study, so sharing your health data with Naturally Slim helps you avoid additional data collection while allowing the health coaches at Naturally Slim to access it to provide you customized services. We will share your data with Naturally Slim for any time points prior to your participation in Naturally Slim and throughout the 23 months of the program. This data will be encrypted.

LTG Associates

If you enroll in the Spirited Life program, your name, group number, and contact information will be furnished to LTG Associates, a separate research firm working under contract with The Duke Endowment to do external evaluation of the Clergy Health Initiative. LTG may contact you to request data (surveys or interviews) on your experience with the Spirited Life program. You are free to accept or decline these offers. The data you provide LTG are confidential and will not be reported even to Clergy Health Initiative staff except in aggregate or in a way that protects your identity. LTG will not have access to your research data, and like Duke Divinity School staff, they are bound not to reveal your status with the Spirited Life to your conference, congregation, or elsewhere.

Ongoing Research

Your de-identified health and survey data will be kept in a secure password-protected database and will continue to be used for research purposes, including studies not yet planned. We plan to link data gathered in this survey with data gathered in other phases of the project or initiative, and to demographic data provided by the conferences. We hope that this study is one of several studies in which you will choose to participate. Duke will destroy all study records containing identifying data seven years after the last publication yielded by the study. Data files with identifying information stripped out may be retained indefinitely by Duke.

Data without names will be analyzed by Clergy Health Initiative research staff, as well as faculty and research staff of the Duke Center for Health Policy and the Duke Children's Environmental Health Initiative. While the findings resulting from this study may be reported to the Conferences or other church bodies, presented at scientific meetings, or published in a scientific journal, no individual participant will be identified.