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Additional Health Data

If you participated in the Duke/Westat clergy health surveys conducted in 2008, 2010 and/or 2012, we will link to your survey responses to your Spirited Life profile.

Referring to data from the 2010 survey helped us create three well-balanced groups of Spirited Life participants. Your 2010 survey responses also formed a baseline level of health from which to compare your progress throughout Spirited Life.

If you took the survey in 2008, your baseline level of health will extend two years further.

If you agree to participate in Spirited Life, you give Duke consent to access the following information from your health insurance provider:

  • Medication claims
  • Outpatient visits with diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Inpatient hospitalizations with diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Emergency room visits with diagnosis and procedure codes

These data will form an important part of our research on clergy health, insofar as the costs of health insurance are one of the driving concerns. By studying actual health claims of participants in Spirited Life before, during, and after the program, we will be able to identify any correlations between participation in Spirited Life and changes in the costs of health care. Duke will receive this claims data for a period covering the calendar years 2009-2019.

Your health data will be carefully safeguarded. Please see our confidentiality page for detailed information about our privacy measures.